McDonalds Purchases Stapleton Control Tower

The speculation of what was going to happen to the Stapleton control tower is finally over. The Stapleton landmark has been involved in several rumors from turning into general use office space, to a high end restaurant. Four days ago McDonalds Corporation made the purchase from Forrest City for an undisclosed sum, and two days ago, one of the most recognizable logos in the world was placed upon the top of the tower. “We are excited to have such a powerful brand grace our community,” said Forrest City President Phil Dargossi. “We were having some challenges in finding interested buyers, and luckily, McDonalds kind of came in and swooped us off our feet.” According to Forrest City, there were other interested investors; however, none wanted to commit to the enormous financial responsibility that would have been involved in the renovation. “We know this is going to be an extremely unique project for us,” said McDonalds Executive Vice President of Development Grant Beerbower. “Honestly, the main part of the project for us is getting the positive PR and then the incredible advertising that it brings us being on the tower.” Beerbower is not sure what the layout will look like, but wants to do something to allow patrons to take a view from the top. Many residents are disappointed in the decision to allow McDonalds to purchase the landmark. “We took this classic piece of Stapleton, and now have this corporate monstrosity here,” says resident Stacy Wolf. “I would have rather had them tear it down.” Residents are already planning a boycott and march against the chain restaurant. “I strongly recommend that no one eat at McDonalds again,” said Wolf. As of now, McDonalds still does not have any blueprints of what they will do, but they plan to begin renovation in late March. ]]>

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