Real Housewives of Stapleton to Air on Reelz Channel

Starting this fall, the Reelz channel will begin airing a reality television series chronicling the lives of six Stapleton mothers. All are currently married, but the show’s executive producer Kirk Gill says there will be some surprises. “As in real life, not everything in a relationship goes as expected. Sure, it makes for good TV, but none of it was planned or instigated.” The show will focus on Stapleton life, exploring the challenges of being a working mom, or a stay at home mom, all while trying to stay in shape. “Being a Stapleton mom and wife comes with some unique challenges that moms and wives in other neighborhoods may not have,” says co-star Missy Davis. “First and foremost, women in Stapleton are very attractive. There is a lot of pressure to keep up with the fit moms in the community. Second of all, Stapleton is very connected, so sometimes you feel like you can be under a microscope.” “We looked at several possible neighborhoods before settling on Stapleton,” said Gill. “In the end, we decided this was just the perfect dynamic. Divorces happening left and right, cheating spouses, young families, active lifestyles, it was just the perfect storm.” The show will try to capture the everyday stresses from things such as getting your kids in the right activities, hosting good parties, and being a good spouse. The first season will have eight episodes, but Gill expects that the show will be picked up for several seasons. “This community fascinates me, and I am sure it will fascinate viewers. We will possibly pick different wives every year to follow as well.” The Stapletonion will be involved in the selection for next season’s Stapleton Housewives. Please submit a one paragraph essay of why you believe you should be on the next season to]]>

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