Stapleton Job Creator Pays Massive 17% Income Tax

Stapleton Resident Chris Sword owns a manufacturing company in Commerce City. His company employs over 100 workers, and the company sees annual revenues of over $40 million. Chris is proud of the company he built with only his hard work and no other outside circumstances at all. He enjoys a very nice lifestyle, owning a large home in Stapleton, a place in Vail, and takes plenty of exotic vacations. He has two beautiful children along with his extremely attractive and slightly younger wife. Chris has very little to complain about, but there is one thing. “I spoke with my accountant a couple of weeks ago,” says Chris. “And I found out I paid 17% income tax last year. That is ridiculous. I am a job creator. I shouldn’t be taxed so high. Then I find out that Mormon guy running for president only pays 15%. What a slap in my face.” Chris recognizes that others in the community pay far higher percentages, ranging from 25-35%. “I understand that people are going to be taxed differently, and that is part of it. What I don’t understand is how a job creator like myself is getting taxed at such an extremely high rate. It doesn’t make any sense. Thanks again, Obama.” Chris already has his accountant combing through the 2010 return to find loopholes that may have been missed. Chris admits that other residents may be appalled by his lower income tax bracket and higher income. “On the surface it doesn’t seem fair. But consider a couple of things. One, again, I am a job creator. And two, if everyone worked hard, everyone would own a company, and then everyone would pay the same that I do. It’s that simple.” Chris stops short of calling residents that do not own $40 million businesses lazy, however believes it is in everyone’s reach. “After I left Brown University, my dad gave me some money to buy a company. I did, and look at me now. Just a classic rags to riches American story.”]]>

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