Does Forrest City Even Know What Remediation Means Anymore?

In recent years, the word “remediation” has been used by Forrest City often as a reason for slow development or lack of development. It has become a buzz word for organizations such as The Front Porch, Stapleton Moms, and SUN when explaining why something has not been completed by Forrest City. At any community forum you will hear that word thrown out by Forrest City PR as a response to almost any question. The Stapletonion wanted to know, has the word completely lost its meaning? According to Forrest City President Phil Dargossi, the word still has meaning. “We use it to explain what is going on at certain projects that have not yet begun, or are slow on completion,” says Dargossi. “Put simply, it means ‘to remediate’ or ‘to have one remediate.’” Certainly, an organization which uses the word so readily would be able to easily and correctly define the word. According to, remediation has the following meaning: re·me·di·a·tion: noun. “Reason Forrest City gives when something is not completed according to original plan.” Prior to 1999, the definition was “the correction of something bad or defective” however, according to, it is outdated and rarely used. At this point, Forrest City has no plans to change the way it uses the word. “It is so much easier than apologizing or explaining to people why we changed the direction we were going,” says Dargossi. “We will continue to train our employees to answer tough questions with a single word: remediation.” ]]>

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