Keeping Aurorans Out: EaWe Begins Construction of Security Gate

After receiving a lot of pressure from the EaWe community, Forrest City finally caved in and agreed to put up the much needed gate at the EaWe entrance located at the corner of Havana and MLK. The area caused terrible confusion to Aurorans despite the posted signs to the entrance pointing them to the appropriate direction. “The literacy rate in Aurora is terribly low,” says EaWe community leader Joe Schmit. “So, the sign proved very ineffective. Even the ones who can read would go through on Havana believing they would be the ones to figure out how to wind their way to Aurora. In all cases, the Aurora drivers would end up coming back the way they came, on this one way street.” EaWe residents were concerned with the wrong way drivers, as well as the diversity that would temporarily enter the community. “We didn’t move here to see vehicles without hubcaps that were made before 2001 coming through our neighborhood,” says resident Keith Poolman. “Sure, it’s a safety issue, but it is also a respectability issue.” EaWe residents will receive a pass key that will automatically open the gates as the car approaches the Havana St. entrance to EaWe. The gate is made of iron, and has the ability to absorb the blow of a 1988 Extended Cab Chevy Silverado, the largest vehicle ever seen in the area, going 65 miles per hour. “The safety and comfort of our residents is the number one priority,” says Forrest City president Phil Dargossi. “We put a price tag on a lot of things. Everything, really. But, in this instance, we figured we didn’t give them a school or a town center, we should at least give them the gate they have been looking for.” Aside from making a safer and cleaner neighborhood, the gate will bring other benefits as well. It will have the added effect of blocking the current prominent views of the jail and car wash, which residents are happy about as well. ]]>

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  1. Ref: EaWe community gate.
    As an Aurora resident for the past 15 years, I often took the Havana exit off I70 as the shortest and quickest way homes. After exiting on to Havana and getting through the 4 way stop on Smith Road, I had a clear shot past Bluff Lake to 24th Ave where Havana turned into Moline. Then came the developers – now I have stop lights, stop signs, one way streets and confusing signs.
    If you don’t want me in you community, put the highway back the way it was and we would both be happy.

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