School’s Gangsta Rap-Themed Auction Party Huge Success

When Amy Dettman first heard the suggestion to have the auction theme at Westerly Creek be a gangsta rap party, she thought it was a crazy idea. “I remember thinking that it may end up seeming racist, or that maybe not everyone liked gangsta rap,” says Dettman. “We looked hard at some other ideas, including a “Smash” theme or a “Jeremy Lin” theme, but in the end, people liked the gangsta rap theme the best.” Westerly Creek held its annual auction last Saturday night at Vinyl in downtown Denver. Decorations included sideways posters of famous gangsta rappers Eazy-E, NWA, Tupac, Ice T, Ice Cube, and Public Enemy to name a few. Fake bullet holes also decorated the walls along with cardboard cutouts of gansters flashing gang signs. The party came complete with an old school DJ, who played only the greatest rap songs including F*ck the Police, Boyz in the Hood, Straight Outta Compton, and Fight the Power. Patrons were served 40’s for their beer, and gin and juice was also abundant at the party. “This was hands down the best auction we have been to,” said event goer Brett Price. “We had a party like this back in college, and I have been waiting for another one ever since.” Other patrons had similar feelings. “Off the hizzzee,” exclaimed Cindy Patterson. “New rap is so crappy compared to the old real rap. We had a blast.” The party was successful financially as well. “We made about 60% more this year than last year,” says Dettman whose auction rolled in roughly $180,000. “We are extremely pleased with the turnout.” Dettman has not yet begun considering themes for next year’s party, but is already feeling the pressure. “I don’t know how we are going to top this years,” says Dettman. “We will do our best, but can you really do better than a party that cranks up Nobody Move by Eazy-E?” No you can’t, Amy. No you can’t.]]>

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