Sled Patrol: SUN Hires Rent-a-Cops to Monitor Sledding Hill

After a good snow, the Central Park hill, which essentially becomes a sledding hill in the winter, is packed with eager sledders, young and old alike. People come from Stapleton, Park Hill, and even Aurora to enjoy one of the only hilly areas in all of Denver (one could also sled down the streets in the Highlands). Problem is, there are no posted rules. “Some of the rules should be very obvious,” says Stapleton parent Liam Murphy. “For example, you don’t walk straight up the same path you just sledded down. But some people just don’t get it.” Others have a hard time discerning which hills are for toddlers and which hills are for early adolescents. Luckily, none of these misunderstandings have led to any deaths or injuries, but it has become a big enough issue for SUN to get involved. “We were getting a lot of complaints, so we had to do something,” says SUN President Mike Victoria. “As usual, we put a committee together, and we ended up working with the MCA to get some security up there on high traffic sled days.” The committee will also be posting visible signs all along the sledding area outlining the rules. Those who break the rules face being kicked off the sledding hill by the security staff. Trails will be marked similarly to ski trails with green, blue, and black runs. The Stapleton School children are being challenged with naming the different runs. Some of the rules that sledders should be aware of include:

  • Wait at least five seconds before sledding the same path as the person in front of you
  • You may not sled on old school sleds (the ones that have the blades)
  • Do not try to tie two sleds together: nothing good has ever come of this
  • If adults must race each other, make sure there are no kids around and you are really drunk.
  • If you are going to try to do a jump, understand that if you weigh more than 200 lbs., you will probably just plow through it.
  • Don’t be an idiot

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