King Soopers to Build “Whole Foods Express” Inside Stapleton Store

King Soopers has been getting slammed by the Stapleton Community for years. They have calmly taken the criticism, and have done their best to appease their Stapleton customers. They can’t do everything, however. For example, you can’t have great fried chicken and also have produce last for two days. One of the things that has been most challenging for Soopers management is the constant request from the Stapleton community for an alternative grocery store. “We feel we offer such a wide variety, customers should not need another grocery store,” says Stapleton King Soopers Manager Gary Stevens. “We have already adjusted so much to our offerings, we don’t know what else we can do.” In an effort to finally silence critics, King Soopers purchased the rights to run a Whole Foods Express inside of the store. “We know that Forrest City is never going to bring another grocery store to the area,” says Stevens. “But we really do care about the Stapleton consumer. So, if someone else was not going to bring them a Whole Foods, we would do it.” Construction began two weeks ago, and the opening of the Whole Foods Express is slated for early April. “We are very excited,” says Stevens. “I love telling customers when they ask me ‘what the hell is going on over there.’ The smiles on their faces are priceless.” The excitement from Stapleton consumers is almost at a fever pitch. “I know King Soopers already offers a variety of organic products,” says frustrated shopper Josh Runyan. “But is it really organic if it doesn’t say Whole Foods on it?” The Whole Foods Express will hope to fill a lot of the gaps that customers are looking for. “This is great for the customer and even better for us,” says Stevens. The margins on that Whole Foods crap are huge.” ]]>

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