Stay-at-Home Dad Develops Addiction to Taco Trucks Serving Stapleton Homebuilders

“La costumbre” he instructs the vendor, which means “the usual” in Spanish.  Margarita nods knowingly through the window, having already started his order.  Amidst the homebuilding contractors in line at the truck, local Stapleton resident Doug Schwab looks out of place, waiting patiently, perusing the menu with daughter Lauren attached to his chest in her Baby Bjorn, as she tries to grab the hat off the man standing in front of her.  On most days Doug is a stay-at-home dad and freelance writer, spending his time taking care of his 8-month old daughter.  At night, when his wife Cheryl is home from work, he writes articles for various local and national publications.  They moved into their newly-constructed home late last year, but their neighborhood is surrounded by homes still under construction, and the vendors show up daily to sell lunch and snacks to the various on-site workers.  “The second I hear that high-pitched horn playing its sing-songy version of La Cucaracha, I literally start salivating like Pavlov’s dog,” he explains.  “At first it was a once-a-week treat I gave myself, but it has developed into a problem, I can see that now,” Doug admits.  “Sometimes I’ll take Lauren on walks that appear to be to random locations, but they’re really well-timed visits to other construction sites, just to try other trucks out there.”  Cheryl nods.  “He’s gained a lot of weight since he started staying at home.  It’s bad enough having our full kitchen at his disposal all day, but the daily taco truck hasn’t helped.  I keep reminding him that the rec center has childcare and he can get a workout in, but the rec center doesn’t drive up our street honking a funny horn,” she sighs.  Despite his weight gain, Cheryl does see a silver lining.  “He purchased the Rosetta Stone Spanish edition and is becoming fluent, which will be great on our next trip to Mexico,” she explains.  “Although from what I can tell, most of what he has learned is only applicable in a restaurant.  Then again, how much more do you need to know while on vacation down there?”  ]]>

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