2nd Annual Baby Swimsuit Edition! The Stapletonion Needs Your Photos!

Do you worry about your baby looking stylish at the pool?  Are you not up with the latest and greatest baby swimwear?  The Stapletonion is here to help!  Before pool season opens, the Stapletonion will be presenting its second annual baby swimsuit edition. Again, many have requested the “Hot Moms” swimsuit edition as well as the “Hot Nannies” swimsuit edition, but we are sticking with the Baby Swimsuit Edition for this year, however we will not turn away photos sent in of hot moms or nannies. Please submit photos of your baby (between 6-30 months), their first name, and who they are wearing.  Submit to stapletonion@gmail.com with the subject line “baby.”  The edition will be in one of the June issues of the Stapletonion, so please get your photos in so our editors can do any necessary touch ups on unsightly baby fat. If we use the submission of your baby, you will receive a free Stapletonion tee shirt! ]]>

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