One-Way Aisles Now in Effect at King Soopers

The Stapleton King Soopers continues to be at the forefront of improving the grocery shopping experience. First, they have a wildly successful gas station, and most recently they have added the whole foods express. They have now added the third biggest change to grocery shopping: the one-way aisle. In order to squeeze in the Whole Foods Express and add in new inventory, King Soopers has had to go to smaller aisles. These small aisles have not been popular with customers. Shoppers have had trouble getting through two carts at one time causing anxiety, claustrophobia, inadvertent groping, and even fights. King Soopers put their brainstorming team together to solve this issue, and they believe they have. Manager Gary Stevens explains. “People in Denver are very used to one-way streets. They help keep traffic moving, and overall are a necessity in an urban environment. Well, we consider ourselves an urban grocery store. So, we are creating one-way aisles in our ‘skinny’ aisles to help customers.” Signs will be posted at each end of the aisle and wrong way signs will also be included along with an arrow pointing the correct direction of traffic. Several different policing options have been discussed in regards to rule breakers. “We may simply take their King Soopers card, or delay their shopping by making them watch a 20 minute video explaining how one-ways work,” says Stevens. “We are open to other suggestions, however.” Two other things that Soopers has improved is that they have made aisles much more diverse. “Now, if you are looking for charcoal, ice cream, and a greeting card, they are all in the same place.” Aisle signage is now not so “in your face” and you can go halfway down the aisle before being able to read the sign. One-ways will be implemented immediately, and shoppers are asked to be cooperative during this change. “We know in the end this is something that is going to improve the King Soopers shopping experience,” says Stevens. Just one more way King Soopers is here for you. ]]>

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  1. No doubt the one way aisles in the store will work as well as the one way lanes at the gas pumps. However, I do enjoy the thrill of trying to find things in the store; it’s like a scavenger hunt.

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