Stapleton Man Last to Find Out About Wife Divorcing Him

Stapleton resident Mark Evers had a difficult week last week after realizing his wife was divorcing him after nine years of marriage. What made the news more difficult was that he was one of the last people to know. “I was in the basement watching Sports Center when all of the sudden my phone was just blowing up,” says Mark. “I received several texts with things like, ‘hang in there,’ ‘sorry to hear that, brother,’ and ‘let me know if there is anything I can do for you.’” Mark’s Facebook page also started receiving tens of supportive comments, and several ‘likes’ to those comments. The barrage of support was all received within a five minute time period. “I had no idea what was going on,” says Mark. “I responded to my closest friend through text to ask why all the support. He immediately let me know that his wife told him after she found out through Stapleton Mom’s that my wife was looking for a good divorce attorney. It was tough.” Mark decided to confront his wife, so immediately sent her a text. “I wanted to tell him,” says wife Laura. “But I wanted to make sure I had some suggestions for a good attorney first. It wasn’t out of disrespect at all. I had no idea my lack of anonymity on Stapleton Moms would come back to bite me.” Mark has been coping with the news, but wishes he would have found out a different way. “Maybe she could have went to the store and then had someone serve me the papers while she was gone,” says Mark. “That is the way it is usually done, and should always be done.” If possible, family law experts suggest speaking to a lawyer before posting any information on public sites.]]>

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