Stapleton Parents Upset Sleepovers Always at Their Place

“For whatever reason, all the kids got comfortable at our place,” says Jessica. “So now, anytime someone wants to have a sleepover, they assume it will be our place. Of course, none of the other parents step in.” The Lyons would like to be able to have their daughter stay somewhere else every once in a while so that they can go out, have friends over, or simply relax and watch 80’s horror films. “We love all of Bella’s friends,” says Russ. “We simply would like these other parents to step up just once and offer to have the girls stay at their place. Just get someone else into the rotation. It is basically every other week.” Jessica says the other parents never say anything. “Why would they? They get an entire weekend evening to themselves and sometimes have enough time to go to snooze in the morning while I am busy making pancakes for the kids.” The Lyons are not sure if they will ever confront the other families, as they may have missed their window. “We simply may be stuck with this problem for another six years. Maybe when they get into Junior High they will start hating each other for no reason and we can give this another shot with her new friends.” ]]>

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