Stapleton Man Shocked Wife Found Out About Affair with Neighbor

This seems to be a new trend in this tight knit community, which may be becoming a little too tight knit. “It started innocently enough as our block all hung out together. Pretty soon, we started getting coffee together, and then having early afternoon beers together, and so on.” The pending divorce is hurting the man in many ways. “Obviously, I will have to move, and where am I going to live that will have so many prospects in close proximity. It is going to kill my game.” The Stapletonion does not condemn nor condone extramarital affairs, however we can make one simple recommendation. Create a google map on your smart phone of where you live. Then form a radius of 2.43 miles around your place. When given the opportunity to sleep with someone of the opposite sex, quickly log into your phone and check to see if they live outside the perimeter. If not, go ahead and pass on this one.]]>

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