Havana St. Braces for Another Wild Cinco De Mayo

East Bridge residents couldn’t be more pleased.  “We get excited for it every year,” says Dirk Helupnik who lives on the 2700 block of Havana St. “We have tons of fireworks left over from the 4th of July, and it is fun to get to use them again.”  KBNO (1280AM, Denver) will again be sponsoring the event, and will have a staging area where the Havana Town Center is supposed to be. “Forrest City was real nice,” said KBNO Cinco de Mayo Organizer Mike Chavez. “They said we could use the space any time we wanted, and that they had no plans for that space for at least another 10 years.” That news is bound to make residents even happier. “We stock up on Four Loco, Pacifico, Margarita Mix and Tequilla,” said Eastbridge Resident Shannon Worth. “It’s the party of the year!”  During the celebration, residents are encouraged to wave Mexican flags, wear sombreros, and to try to explain to friends and neighbors what the celebration is all about.]]>

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