Six Months Later, Scientists Still Baffled by Strange Rock Formations

Resident Jay Chickerneo and his wife Amy take morning walks down the scenic Westerly Creek Trail with their young child Madison and dog Jasper. Aside from occasionally encountering an off-leash dog, things are pretty uneventful. However, on September 26th this year, they noticed something very peculiar. “We noticed the strangest rock formation,” said Jay. “It seemed like something out of Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” What the Chickerneos noticed was a random smattering of disc shaped rocks, not indigenous to Stapleton. “They were all over the place,” said Amy. “At first we thought we were getting punked, and at any minute Ashton Kutcher was going to pop out from behind one of these ridiculous things,” Amy said.  “It never happened, and we got really freaked out and ran home.” Once home, they called the police who temporarily blocked off the area. “We didn’t know how to handle it,” said sergeant McClelland. “So we called the scientist nerds at CU to come take a look.”  Scientist Jodi Graham has had a team studying the rocks and its formation the last six months. “We have not made a lot of progress to this point,” said Jodi. “It is possible that Aliens are using it to mark the area to colonize, as it is a great place to raise a family.” That is only one of several theories however, which range from time travel all the way to poor decision-making on the part of a landscape architect.  Residents are hoping answers come sooner than later. “We will continue to walk down there,” said Jay, “but we will have an eye out for Aliens.”]]>

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