Foreclosed Stapleton Residents to Make Smooth Transition into Bluff Lake Apartments

Many residents have voiced concerns over the Mercy Housing Project the Bluff Lake Apartments. The project is meant to help out those in need of a fresh start and who are working hard in their new opportunities. Many residents were concerned about the type of people the project was going to be housing. “We were told that the project was going to house some homeless people,” says resident Mitchell McAllister. “I assumed they were recruiting people from underneath the viaduct.” This is hardly the case. In fact, residents will be pleasantly surprised to learn that the new residents will be similar to their neighbors, and in some cases, their actual neighbors. “During the real estate bubble, Stapleton builders convinced buyers that they could afford anything,” says Mercy Housing spokesperson Stacy Wilson. “They were subsequently given loans that were way too big, and eventually were foreclosed upon. Those are the types of people we are moving into the Bluff Lake Apartments.” “We are very excited about this opportunity,” says former New Town Home owner and future Bluff Lake Apartment resident Jason Schwab. “We still get to be close to our friends and the kids won’t need to change schools.” Stapleton residents should use caution before judging Bluff Lake Apartment residents. They might just be your former neighbors. ]]>

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