SUN Sustainability Committee Initiates “No Tree Left Behind” Program

In a somewhat controversial new initiative, the SUN Sustainability Committee voted 5 to 4 in favor of the “No Tree Left Behind” program. “We were seeing all of these trees in the different Stapleton Neighborhoods that did not appear to be getting the proper attention,” says Sustainability Chair Lauren Parker. “Just because the tree does not have owners who care, does not mean the neighborhood shouldn’t be responsible to keep them growing and strong.” The initiative has drawn a lot of heat because each of the different Stapleton boroughs must now pass a quarterly tree inspection where a certain percentage of trees are deemed “healthy” by the Arbor Commission. If they do not pass the inspection, the neighborhood will no longer receive MCA funding for its parks, pools, and general upkeep. “So, just because a resident three streets over doesn’t take care of his trees, the whole neighborhood can be responsible for it,” says angry North Central Park resident Tom Stevens. “Even worse, we have no idea what the commission is going to consider ‘healthy.’” Lauren Parker is strong in her defense of the program. “Not everyone has the exact same green thumb. Those with greater green thumbs need to help out those with not so green thumbs. All the trees are worth saving, and I am appalled when people think otherwise. Whitney Houston said it best when she said that trees are our future.” Many residents are appealing the new initiative to the SUN Oversight committee in an attempt to have it thrown out as “unconstitutional in regards to the Stapleton Constitution.” “Why should I be responsible to walk around and help everyone else’s trees?” asks Stevens. “I have enough on my plate trying to keep my trees healthy.” If the initiative stands, the first inspections are planned for late this fall. ]]>

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