Westerly Creek “Clean Up” June 23rd: Forrest City Seeking Hunters to Kill Prairie Dogs

Forrest City has announced its next cleaning of Westerly Creek will be held on June 23rd. In coordination with SUN, they are looking for the usual volunteers to help pick up garbage that has flowed down from Aurora as well as get rid of dead plants and other wayward garbage. Mainly, however, they are asking for the aid of hunters to clean up the real problem in north Westerly Creek: prairie dogs. “We have tried a lot of things in regards to eliminating the prairie dogs,” says Forrest City president Phil Dargossi. “At this point it appears a bullet may be the only answer. For that reason, we are looking for hunters with high-powered rifles, or Aurorans with automatic weapons.” Forrest City and SUN are hoping that this will finally end the prairie dogs reign of terror. “We have tried asking them to relocate, poisoning, and napalm, none of which have worked,” said SUN President Mike Victoria. “We feel this is the next step, and after that, it is probably the National Guard.” Critics have again tried to point to rights that prairie dogs may or may not have. “These are living beings which we must respect,” says resident Jill Hickey. “There has to be another way.” Other residents disagree that the local rodents have rights. “Is it their right to completely destroy a section of what was supposed to be a beautiful green area,” questions Kelly Skaggs. “If we don’t do this now, things are going to just get worse.” Forrest City is asking interested hunters to contact them at phildargossi@forrestcity.net. Include the subject line “hunter” and a brief description of your firearm and killing experiences. ]]>

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