Finally! Stapleton Parks to Transition to Off-Leash Areas

After a recent push by authorities to crack down on off-leash dogs in Stapleton, Forrest City and the City of Denver have agreed to allow dogs to be off-leash at all Stapleton parks including Central Park and all major pocket parks. “As many people that complained about the off-leash dogs, we had twice the complaints from the owners that don’t leash their dogs,” says Forrest City President Phil Dargossi. “Colorado does not have state leash laws, so we can be flexible with it.” Denver officials quickly went with Forrest City’s recommendation without much hesitation. “We want to do what we can to appease the good people of Stapleton,” said Mayor Hancock. “We like their votes, and have little interest in listening to their complaints, so we just kind of go with what appears to be the majority.” Off-leash dog owners brought several good points to the town hall meeting including but not limited to: leashes causing more injuries than actual dogs (not fact-checked) and “it is really not that big of a deal, so let’s stop worrying about it.” Those against off-leash dogs are extremely upset. “A black lab cornered me and my family at the boat (dog) pond at Central Park four years ago on the dock,” says resident Mike Potter. “We were frightened to death. It never did anything but wag its tail, but the emotional scars are still there.” The law is in effect immediately, and will be up for change or renewal in one year after an evaluation of its effects. “Is it possible parks will be overrun with dogs,” asks Dargossi. “Certainly. But that’s definitely a distraction from the prairie dogs overrunning the open space.”]]>

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