New Stapleton Homes to Come with Pre-Built Bird’s Nest

Stapleton homes have long been the nesting place for many birds in the area seeking a corner lot, a dry area, and a great place to raise their kids. They are not much different than many of the area’s human residents in regards to why they moved here in the first place. Problem is, these birds aren’t paying the mortgages, and sometimes frighten residents and even build homes on top of expensive hanging baskets. “Every year we have to deal with birds coming in and nesting in our patio,” says resident Holly Christensen. “As soon as you see the eggs, you are guilted in to not touching the nest. I don’t like birds, but I can’t kill baby birds.” Many residents feel the same as Holly, but don’t know what to do, as there is no sure-fire way to keep them off the properties. Of course, some owners enjoy having the birds as their children enjoy seeing the birds feed their young and grow. The problem is, there is simply no consistency as to where the nest is going to go, and sometimes it is right underneath the front door, and people and birds alike are getting frightened easily. Stapleton builders herd the feedback from the owners and have made a progressive step. “We know Stapleton has a goal of being very green,” says Parkwood Homes builder Scott Harves. “What we have done, and other builders have followed, is build a man-made bird’s nest in a particular corner of the front of the homes. That way, birds will choose to live there instead of going through the work of creating a nest, and of course, people will always know where they may be.” Home builders are also considering coming out to homes built since 2010 and retroactively fitting the new bird houses on to their homes. All other home buyers from previous years can purchase the bird house for $2500. Financing is available. ]]>

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