Stapleton Dad Stops Caring How He Looks at the Pool

Tony is one of a growing segment of Stapleton residents, mostly male, who are rejecting the idea that they have to look perfect for the summer pool season. Tony explains further: “It used to be an annual ritual starting with an intense exercise regimen in January and culminating with chest-shaving on Memorial Day. This year I was like screw it, I don’t have time to work all day, take care of my kids, and sculpt a ripped body just to look good at the pool to a bunch of people who aren’t my wife.” Sarah agrees in theory that the motivation is a superficial one. “Sure it was nice when he was less fat and hairy than he is now…but…” Sarah trails off, appears lost in thought for a moment, then gets back to reading her book before she can finish her thought about the positive side of Tony letting himself go. If this happy couple’s story is any indication, there appears to be no downside to placing a lower priority on physical appearance, especially if it’s driven by the superficial motivation just to look good at the pool all summer. “It gives me more time, I’m happier than I was before, and she’s just as happy, right honey?” Tony inquires. Sarah replies “yes sir,” and nods vacantly without taking her eyes off her copy of 50 Shades of Gray. When asked if he thinks more men and women should follow his advice and re-prioritize their physical fitness goals, Tony is quick to answer. “Wait, women too? Hell, no! They need to be looking good out there.”]]>

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