Abridged Pool Menu Achieves Goal of Shorter, Faster Lines

In 2011, Forrest City in conjunction with the MCA, introduced a robust menu offering burgers, brats, hot dogs, nachos, chips, slushes, and of course several kinds of drinks, chips, and candies. Pool patrons loved the options, as it helped keep their kids out of the water for another 20 to 30 minutes so they could quickly slam two more beers (cans). As with all good restaurants, offering a variety of great foods comes with a price: a long wait. “It was always frustrating when I wanted to quickly grab a soda, and there were 10 kids in front of me holding handfuls of quarters not sure what they wanted to get,” says Stapleton resident Andrew Fogdall. “It would take forever.” Many people (undisclosed number) complained to Forrest City about these lines according to Forrest City spokesperson Janelle Ayers. “As everyone knows, we work almost to a fault to appease everyone in the community,” says Ayers. “We did some studies and ran some diagnostic scenarios, and the most cost-effective way to reduce the length of the lines was to simply pear back the offerings.” Pool concessions did pull back quite a bit. New menu:

  • Diet Mountain Dew
  • Cool Ranch Doritos
Not everyone is pleased with the new menu. “This is ridiculous,” said Mandy Crosley. “We used to be able to stay here all day without having to worry about packing a bunch of snacks. Now, there is nothing to offer, so the kids break down and we have to leave. Then I have to entertain the kids the rest of the afternoon.” Forrest City will continue to use the new menu throughout this pool season, but is open to another change next year. “We will continue to track the complaints of the community, and next year will bend over backwards to adjust accordingly.” ]]>

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  1. The author forgot the most important detail of the scaled-back offerings: scaled back quantities. Supply will be limited to 7 DMDs and 4 bags of CRD per pool, per day. Once it’s gone, they close. The pools get comfortably empty at about 1:15 on weekend days thanks to the new plan!

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