Block Party Planners to Downgrade from Bouncy Castles to Bouncy Bungalows

Dealing with new economic challenges, block party planners across Stapleton have been scrambling to locate a cost-effective, austere alternative to the traditional, opulent bouncy castles — long a mainstay at such events. Duane Eilers, owner of the Town Center Zeppelin Haus, confirmed the declining interest for the time-honored inflatables, while seeing a spike in demand for more modest structures ranging from bouncy villas to bungalows. However, he cautioned that some less reputable suppliers are improvising to keep up with the evolving demand. “Our bouncy sofa has been real popular this season” noted Nicholas Gerber of Mile Hi Carnies, “but we were forced to scrap our bouncy frozen-pond idea once it warmed up this spring.” The company is also test marketing some fresh concepts to roll out this season including the bouncy little-brother, and bouncy remediation pile.]]>

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