“Chalk” of the Town: Sidewalk Graffiti Debate Dominates Airwaves

Once again, the Stapleton community was the top story on the six o’ clock news. And again, matters could not be more serious. “Things are starting to come to a head on this issue,” says resident Sarah Selley. “There are really no gray areas. You are either for sidewalk chalk, or against it. There is just no middle ground.” The main issue is the rule in the HOA which strictly prohibits any type of degradation of common areas. Children drawing on sidewalks clearly fall in this area, according to resident Doug McCubbin. “It is not like it is a neighborhood of Picassos,” says McCubbin. “A lot of these drawings are crap. Half-a$$ rainbows, flowers, poor spellings, and awful color selection is what I am seeing out here. It wouldn’t be a big deal if it was good chalk art. But, the drawings I see just aren’t any good. At all.” Many parents disagree on several areas with McCubbin. “My daughter is already drawing at a ninth grade level,” says Sarah Kleese. “And she is only six. Besides, how is it possible for kids sidewalk chalk to bother someone?” Those opposed to sidewalk chalk point out several areas where sidewalk chalk can be bothersome. “Say I am going for a run or walk,” says Matt Drenner. “Now I have to dodge kids all over the community, or I have to take my chances getting hit by a car by running in the street. Not to mention graffiti of any sort lowers home values.” Proponents of sidewalk chalk are willing to meet those who oppose it somewhere in the middle. “We would be willing to make some concessions on what things would be allowed to be drawn on sidewalks,” says Paige Fevold. “For instance, we understand why some people wouldn’t want a 3-D drawing of a giant pit in the sidewalk. That can freak you out.” Those opposed are still not budging on the strict rule that no sidewalk chalk should be allowed. “The law is already on our side,” says Jenny Dohlman. “Why would we want to be flexible?” A town hall discussion is scheduled for The Green on June 30th. Attendees should not expect anything resembling a solution. ]]>


  1. This just in:
    Stapleton moms are outraged that God brought torrential rains today that washed away sidewalk chalk art all over the neighborhood.
    “God eliminated in minutes what took hours for these children to create” said mother Sarah Selley. When contacted for comment, chalk art opponent Doug McCubbin said, “I knew God was on our side.”
    God however is unimpressed. “I created the entire Universe in six days; these kids create graffiti on the sidewalk.” When asked if he would agree to professional mediation to resolve the matter, God grinned and replied, “Tell them they can go to Hell.”

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