Prosthetic Baby Bump Gives Couple Popularity Boost

A young couple in Stapleton who chose to not be identified, has become significantly more popular since purchasing a prosthetic baby bump one month ago. “We never had anything to talk about with our neighbors, but now that people think we are pregnant, we suddenly have people asking us all sorts of questions,” says anonymous wife. “We love our neighbors, but they never had much to say to us in regards to what is going on in our world. They would talk about their own kids but we never had much to add to the conversation, so we were often shut out of it.” The couple has found themselves being invited to more backyard gatherings. “We really feel like we are part of the block now,” says anonymous husband. “People are already asking us about names, child care, schools, etc. More than anything, we are learning a lot if we decide if and when we want to have kids.” At some point the couple knows they will have to come clean. “We don’t have an end date of when we will come out,” says the wife. “Heck, we have even thought about trying to actually get pregnant. There is a chance we will just move to a different Stapleton borough and start the whole thing over again.” Prosthetic baby bumps have been around forever, but more recently became famous when Beyonce was accused of using one. “We were drinking in bed late one night and saw some gossipy show on it,” says husband. “Then we thought, you know what, maybe we should try that.” The couple does not regret their decision even if it does end up costing them their new friends when the truth comes out. “Even if for just nine months we could feel like we fit in with our neighbors and had friends, it was worth it,” says wife.]]>

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