Stapleton Security to Ticket Children Using Playground Equipment Out of Age Range

Stapleton parents have long been frustrated when it comes to taking their children to age-appropriate playground equipment in Stapleton. Many times they see kids much too old running amuck adding extra dangers for their young children, and children too young for equipment cause angst for on looking parents as well. The Stapleton MCA and SUN have stepped up similarly to what they had done for the Central Park sledding situation. “We have instructed a member of our security team to be at each of the Stapleton pocket parks,” said SUN President Mike Victoria. “If a child looks too old or too young to be on the playground, they will be subject to identification. If they do not have identification, or if they are not within the age range, they will be issued a warning. The second violation will be a $50 ticket, and the third violation will be a two year ban from playing on Stapleton playground equipment.” The new law has mixed reviews. “I think it is great,” says mother of three-year old Jackson, Nancy Witham. “Too many times my little Jackson has been pushed by to go down slides, and these older kids don’t know how rough they can be. I’m glad someone is finally doing something about it.” Parents of more than one child are not as happy. “I have two kids, one is three and one is six,” says parent Mindy Cohen. “A lot of the equipment is only in one of their age ranges. So, one kid has to sit by me patiently while the other one plays? That will never work.” The security staff agrees this is inconvenient, but parents will have to learn how to cope. “It may end up being a good parenting technique,” says Victoria. “Teaching kids patience at a young age will probably end up being a big positive.” SUN and the MCA plan to begin enforcement in early July.]]>

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