Block with Same Sex Couples Disappointed in Lack of Diversity

Married same-sex couple Mike and Scott Andreasen moved to Stapleton for the same reason many others have. They wanted to raise a family and give their children the best opportunities they could give them. They love their Infinity home and for the most part, enjoy the Stapleton community. The one thing they have been disappointed in in regards to their immediate neighborhood is a lack of diversity. “When we moved here, we were hoping to have a variety of different people as neighbors,” says Scott. “Don’t get me wrong, we love our gay neighbors, we were just hoping to have some heteros around here.” The area where Scott and Mike live has at least six gay couples within a two block stretch. “We wanted to live in an area with more variety, I guess,” claims Mike. “We have two young children, and many of the gay couples near us don’t have kids. It would be nice to add a little hetero to this hood.” Scott and Mike are not considering moving at this point. “You know, we love our place,” says Scott. “And this is where we choose to raise our children. We are just secretly hoping some more heteros will move into our immediate neighborhood. I think it would just add a little something that is missing right now. Will they be as successful as our gay neighbors? Will they keep their lawns as nice? Probably not, but you have to take the good with the bad when it comes to heteros. And hey, part of life is accepting people that are a little different.” Scott has recently broke down and joined the Stapleton moms Yahoo group so that he can arrange play dates for their children. “I think it is going to be a great opportunity to have our kids interact with children from hetero relationships,” says Scott. “They are going to be around those kids at school, so it is best to get them used to it now.”]]>

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