Eastbridge Town Center to be Rezoned as “Industrial”

The Stapletonion has recently uncovered unreleased Forrest City documents which show that the previously promised town center in Eastbridge is now being pushed by Forrest City to be zoned as industrial. Phone messages left for President Phil Dargossi at Forrest City went unreturned. Eastbridge resident Marc Travillian is extremely disappointed in this new development. “We moved here five years ago, and at that time a town center was supposed to be coming within six months,” remarked Travillian. “We had hoped for maybe a pub, a grocery store, and possibly other boutiques. Instead we have a car wash and now a dental practice.” It is unclear from the documents what will be done with the current businesses, but it is likely they will be purchased by any incoming businesses fitting the new industrial zoning. SUN President Mike Victoria has become involved. “From experts that we had look at the documents sent to us anonymously, it appears Forrest City is specifically looking for a coal refinery, or possibly a nuclear power plant. The coal refinery is the most likely due to the close proximity of rail transportation. “They are actually already putting plans together to send a short line railroad up to the ‘town center’ to distribute product,” says Victoria. “This is unacceptable. Our residents don’t deserve this type of deception.” Forrest City has already secretly begun aggressively marketing the new area offering relaxed environmental regulations, a lower than value first five years lease agreement, as well as a partnership in the purchase of the railroad. “This is out of control,” says Travillian. “Apparently, all Eastbridge residents including myself are a bunch of suckers. I might as well move back to Houston.” Property values for Eastbridge residents have already plummeted 35%, and if the zoning is changed as expected, they will fall even further. “We are hoping the residents of Stapleton will unite and fight this,” says Victoria. “This seems like a job for Bunco.”]]>

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