Mythbusters Busts Myth of Stapleton Homes “Starting in the Low 200’s”

Stapleton has once again made primetime after Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman of the popular cable TV series Mythbusters were called to bust the myth of Stapleton homes available for around $200,000. “We received several emails from residents and potential buyers saying they had seen signs that stated the sale of homes for that amount,” said Savage. “The research from our staff did not support such claims. So, we decided it would be a good myth to head out and bust.” Mythbusters headed out to Stapleton with their team to conduct interviews and scour the area for sightings. They spoke with residents, real estate agents, and home builders. “The myth was almost proclaimed true very early on,” said Hyneman. “One of the builders we spoke with told us that it was absolutely correct. However, after investigating it further, we realized that they were not including a roof, the kitchen, or any bathrooms. It was essentially an advertising scheme for the builder.” “I have friends that say they have seen it,” says resident Tim Cox. “But no one has ever shown me any concrete proof. I think it is more of an urban legend than anything else.” Mythbusters spent two weeks in Stapleton conducting its research. “We wish we would have been able to blow some stuff up,” says Savage. “Maybe we could have blown up the tower. Unfortunately, no explosions were necessary to bust this myth.” The episode will air Tuesday, July 3rd at 7PM on the Discovery Channel. ]]>

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