Frustrated Stapleton Residents Ditch Low Flow Toilets for Outhouses, Port-A-Lets

Going green is important for our environment and it can certainly make you feel good when you do your part. Using a kegorator as opposed to buying bottles and cans, recycling, driving a hybrid, and carefully monitoring your water use are all examples of what individuals can do. There are also drawbacks to going green. Being environmentally conscience can be expensive, especially up front. Solar panels, hybrid vehicles, ethanol, buying organic foods, and using vendors that are committed to being green can all be pricey. Stapleton is a very green neighborhood, and many residents are committed to the cause. In this mostly upper-middle class community, residents are willing to pay the price to help the environment. What they are not willing to deal with is the inconvenience. “When I bought my Parkwood Home and they bragged about the low–flow toilets and how they were environmentally sound. I was impressed,” says resident Greg Elmer. “But I never thought of the time it was going to cost me. Every time I flush the toilet, I have to hold the handle down for what seems like 10 minutes. It’s just not worth it anymore.” Many residents have decided on going with an old-school alternative. “We saw that our neighbors put up an old outhouse in their back yard,” says Elmer. “They say things are going well, so we are giving it a trial run for a month with a port-a-let. If things go well, we will go full speed ahead with the outhouse as well.” The drawbacks to the outhouses are mostly sanitary, but people are seeing that they are still more convenient. “We have people over a lot for drinks outside,” says current outhouse owner Ben Murphy. “It makes it so convenient for people that are over, and a lot of times, they won’t even skip a beat on the conversations.” From The Stapletonion’s perspective, there is something about an outdoor restroom that screams, “something fun is going on in this area.” ]]>

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