Stapleton Book Club Finally Stops Pretending It’s About the Books

A prominent Stapleton book club has turned the page, pulled the cork, and decided to become a wine club.  Members report that the reading material has been well written, but really depressing.  Recent selections include The Help, Room, Any Country Song, and The Economy. The book club members took turns hosting the gatherings in their homes. Each member also took turns picking the next book to read.    Now, each member will pick a varietal, and the host will provide cheese and crackers as palate cleansers.  Sabrina Duncan explains, “a lot of the books we read were real tear jerkers.  As we were talking about them we ended up drinking a lot of wine anyway.”  Jill Monroe added, “the wine club just seems like a lot more fun.  We’re going to take turns bringing bottles of wine to the wine club.  I think we’ll actually drink less wine by sipping it in tastings instead of chugging glassfuls while discussing these sad stories.”  Sabrina disagreed.  “I think we’ll drink more wine, since everyone will bring a bottle and we’ll be in a better mood.”   Kelly Garrett is the next wine club host.  “I’m really looking forward to the first wine club meeting.  The whole book club thing was really just an excuse for ladies night out anyway, but we all felt like we had to read those damn books.  Honestly, I just started reading the reviews on Amazon, and faking my way through the meeting.  I got in trouble with my boss, Charlie, for reading Amazon reviews at work.  Now we’ll just be able to drink wine and talk, which is all we really wanted to do.”]]>


  1. On a related note, organizers are proud to announce that Stapleton’s Obscure Films of an Adult, Carnal or Erotic Distribution – OFACED – club is continuing forward with its surprisingly popular format unchanged, despite community pressures to ‘not talk about it’.

  2. UPDATE: Stapleton Mom’s Book Club Meeting, NEW TIME!!
    Just an FYI, the Stapleton Mom’s Book Club has changed it’s usual 1st Monday of the Month meeting to EVERY Friday at 3:30 pm at the Berkshire in Town Center. According to SMBC President Amy Smith, it turns out Mom’s prefer the once weekly, earlier start time to not discuss books, drink heavily, and leave the kids at home with Dad.

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