Stapleton Families Ditching Current Homes for Younger, More Attractive Models

With banks finally willing to loan homebuyers a few bucks, Stapleton homes are once again flying off the shelf like flapjacks. Some buyers are new to Stapleton, moving to Bluff Lake in Eastbridge looking for better schools for their kids, and of course they await the much anticipated town center “opening next year.” Many of the buyers already live in Stapleton, however. They have grown tired of their old model, bored of the same routine, painting, and architecture, and ache for the excitement they once had with their first Stapleton home. “When we first bought this Wonderland home, we thought we would be in it forever,” says resident Greg Runchey. “It was so exciting and new. I was excited to come home and see this place every day. But a couple months ago, I found myself driving around looking at homes for sale. I felt bad about it, but I had to follow my heart.” Greg recently purchased a Parkwood home which is scheduled for completion in early September. After the paperwork is finalized on his old Wonderland home, he will be forced to rent a place, sometimes sleeping on the couch, until he can move into his new home. “It’s really sad,” says Greg. “We have great memories together, and I wish nothing but the best for my old home. It’s just that the same feelings aren’t there anymore, and it really wasn’t fair to the Wonderland to have me stay.” Greg has confidence this will be his last home. “This time, my feelings are different. I love this place, even more than the old one. It is beautiful inside and out, and has a youthful energy to it.” We wish the best to success to Greg and others in his situation. But if this second home doesn’t work out, you may have a real hard time finding a third one willing to give you a try. ]]>

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