Gaining Grocer in Eastbridge Town Center SIZE-able Problem

Forrest City President Phil Dargossi has long pointed out that the planned town center for Eastbridge (original estimate 2008) will be in place “as soon as they can get a grocer into the space.” Dargossi has pointed out several reasons as to why this is yet to happen, but none bigger than the fact that the area has yet to get interest from a major grocer, which would help stabilize and bring traffic to the area. Dargossi pointed this out in 2010. “We eagerly await a new grocer, which will help anchor the Eastbridge town center, and create the dynamic we are looking for.” The Eastbridge town center now comprises of a soon to open dentistry and a car wash. The Stapletonion had its team of independent experts look into the feasibility of a grocer in the planned town center. The team included traffic engineers, city planners, architects, and business experts. The research showed something that no one has yet talked about. “After our team studied the options for a grocer in Eastbridge for the last four months, we learned a troubling truth,” says project lead John Parker. “The Eastbridge area simply could not fit a major grocer, nor could it handle any traffic increase including entering and exiting the parking lot.” “We considered a grocer half the size of the King Soopers,” says Parker. “Even one half the size, including stocking area and parking lot, would change the landscape. In fact, some homes would literally have to be torn down and the road completely redone. There is just no way a large major grocer could fit into that small area.” Calls to Dargossi and Forrest City have gone unreturned. If these findings go unchallenged, it could prove to be a huge cover up and scandal for Forrest City. “My expertise is in city planning and design,” says Parker. “However, if Forrest City was promising builders and home buyers that they were going to get a town center and knew it wasn’t feasible, I believe there would be a lot of legal implications.” The Stapletonion will keep the community posted on any response from Forrest City.]]>

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