New Starbucks to Open Inside 29th Avenue Starbucks

The small Starbucks in the Stapleton Target, and the even smaller new Starbucks in the renovated King Soopers, were just the beginning. Continuing its plan of adding mini-cafes inside larger stores, the nationwide coffee franchise will open another small Starbucks in Stapleton, this one inside the existing Starbucks on 29th Avenue. The 29th Avenue Starbucks will remain, with the new “Starbucks Express” occupying a fraction of the square footage near the entrance. “We’re excited to offer busy Stapleton residents a wider range of options for their coffee experience,” said Director of Public Relations Burt Starbucks; “traditionalists can still enjoy the full Starbucks experience at the venerable 29th Avenue cafe, while the new Starbucks Express will offer an alternative to busy on-the-go coffee drinkers as well as those preferring a cozier coffee-drinking experience.”  Additional possible Starbucks sites may open inside the Fantastic Sam’s across the street from the 29th Avenue Starbucks and the top of the former airport control tower.  Residents have begun hotly debating the Starbucks plans on the Stapleton Moms listserv, in a wide-ranging discussion of the decline of local coffee shop ownership, the bona fides of Starbucks’ “fair trade coffee” claims, and whether the Starbucks expansion would accelerate the troubling epidemic of sidewalk chalk drawings in Stapleton.]]>

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