Stapleton Youth Camp Mimics Hunger Games

Stapleton parents are always looking for fun and exciting camps to which to send their kids. Most of all, parents want their kids to have fun, but also to learn, and yet others want to make sure their kids are challenged. This is where “Camp Hunger Games” has its niche. Camp Hunger Games challenges kids in their “survival” ability including but not limited to food and water gathering, creating shelters, building weapons, understanding one on one combat, and teamwork. Several kids are injured during the camp, but no one has yet to be maimed or killed. “We wanted to create something unique and different,” says Camp President Seth Williams. “Everyone has sports camps, art camps, and zoo camps. We wanted to do something completely unique.” The weekly camp runs from 8-12, Monday through Friday. The camp takes place at the Bluff Lake Reservation area, where six square miles are blocked off with electrical barbed wire fence. Kids are not allowed to bring anything aside from basic clothing; no food or water is allowed, and no outside weapons. Essentially, the camp begins with Williams reiterating the rules, and then a foghorn blows to start the games. Kids are allowed to team up with other kids, and the object is to make kids quit or submit. Once they have submitted, they spend the rest of the time at camp in a bamboo cage and are allowed limited food and water. “If a kid does not report to “the safe house” the day after they submit, they will not be allowed into camp the following year,” says Williams. At the end of the week, the child that is left receives a free camp, which parents appreciate. “My son David has come home crying every day,” says parent Traci Closson. “I think he has learned a lot about himself, and the chance for a free camp is definitely worth it.” For more information, parents can go to]]>

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