Forrest City to Change Bluff Lake to Make It “More Natural Looking”

With the new Bluff Lake development moving very quickly, Forrest City is already making improvements to the nature preserve. “We of course love the area,” says Forrest City President Phil Dargossi. “That’s why we are building here. We love the natural look. We just think we can make it a little more natural looking.” Forrest City plans to expand the lake, plant some more trees, and introduce some new species among other things. “I would love to see some cardinals flying around,” says Dargossi. They are so pretty and red. I like those things.” The first week in September, Forrest City plans to bring in two giant bulldozers and some other earth moving equipment to begin the structural changes to the lake which will hopefully give it a more natural feel. “I showed the designers some paintings of really pretty outdoor lake scenes,” says Dargossi. “That’s what we are looking for, and that is what we want out of the project.” “Naturalizing” Bluff Lake will take several years, and this is only the first step. Forrest City has a long range plan of getting rid of all of the “yucky” weeds and planting flowers around the area. “Our research shows that everyone loves flowers hates weeds,” says Dargossi. “Again, we are doing what the community wants.” Phase one of five over the next seven years is adjusting the size of the lake and adding in some new animals to the area. The final phase is not expected to be completed until 2019, but Forrest City admits that date could change. “We try to not use completion dates around here and kind of just speak to things in very general terms.” ]]>

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