Stapleton Mom Invents Hand Sanitizer That Kills Final .01%

Stapleton mom and inventor Traci Holst is like every other Stapleton parent who wants to make sure they create the most livable environment for themselves and their children. She works hard to keep a clean house and makes sure the kids wash their hands with antibacterial soap in attempt to keep a germ free household. “Ever since they were babies, I have been paranoid about germs,” says Holst. “We would scrub their hands, and now we make sure they scrub them for at least two minutes any time they come in the house. We felt this was the best way to ensure our children never got sick, and we never got sick.” Problem was, Holst’s children were still getting sick. “We assumed it was other kids at day care or at school,” says Holst. “We started to send them with their own soap and hand sanitizer, but the kids were still getting sick every now and then.” Holst looked things up on the internet, talked to homeopaths, went on Yahoo! Moms, and even talked to doctors. She tried everything, but nothing was working. Then one day when she was picking out soaps and sanitizers, she noticed something disturbing that she had never noticed. “All of the labels say they kill 99.99% of bacteria,” said Holst. “That’s just not good enough. I was embarrassed I had never noticed it before.” Holst searched for one that kills 100% of bacteria, however, was unable to find one. That is when she began working on her own sanitizer to kill the final .01%. “We did not want to compete with the big name soaps and sanitizers, so instead of focusing on all the things those things are already doing, we went after the market where they are not as successful. The final .01%.” Holst worked with a team of scientists at the University of Colorado to create the formula. Although the formula is currently being tested by the FDA for approval, Holst expects it should be on the shelves by Christmas in several different scents and colors. “This started off as a way for me to protect my family,” says Holst. “Now I feel like I will be helping millions of families.” ]]>

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