Courtyard Residents Struggle with Swinging Gates

Wonderland courtyard residents are facing yet another challenge in recent days. Scott and Meg Stobaugh have experienced an interesting situation concerning their only yard space in the front of the house. Their gate is opened regularly by neighbors and strangers. While this is not as much of a problem with their now old lab, it could be an issue when they replace that family pet with a puppy someday soon.
 “We have tried using the handle’s lock, carabineers, and various warning signs to keep the other courtyarder’s and flier guys from opening that gate. Nothing can deter our neighbor’s children or Fed Ex,” says Meg. “I mean, can you imagine someone just flinging open your back gate every day? Pretty frustrating,” added Scott. So these savvy Stapletonite’s came up with a plan to train this future pup with an Electronic Dog Enclosure. 
Research and marketing tells us that wireless dog fences are as convenient as they are effective. The collars are designed for weights over 50 pounds with neck sizes up to 23 inches. It features six levels of correction, so you can easily adjust the level to their temperament. The Stobaugh’s knew they were on to something and after our month delayed block party, we all decided the enclosure would also keep our kids safe. “The shocks aren’t harmful, especially compared to cars in our alley,” says Sarah Delk who lives on the block. The local Love & Logic spokesperson has not issued a statement in regards to this new collar trend but courtyarder’s all agree, it’s comforting to know their little ones are okay while parents shower or clean out the basement for our next big sale.]]>

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