ABC’s Bachelor Pad Coming to Stapleton: Selected Divorcees Moving into Massive Harvard Home

The successful The Bachelor spinoff Bachelor Pad is branching off from including only former contestants and fans, to going to specific neighborhoods and getting singles from those neighborhoods to move into one residence. “We are combining the success or Bachelor Pad with other popular shows like Real Housewives and The Real World,” said executive producer Mitch Runyan. “This neighborhood seems like it could literally explode any minute, and we want to be here for it.” Runyan says that the show did casting in over 100 different neighborhoods across the country, but realized that Stapleton was the most made for TV. “First of all, people are familiar with the neighborhood because of other popular shows like Real Housewives of Stapleton and of course when Casey Anthony won the HGTV Home in Stapleton.” Runyan also thinks the proximity of homes and anyone in Stapleton’s ability to connect with someone else in two steps makes for great TV. “They are hanging on by a thread here,” says Runyan. “And the best part is, we will have divorcees in the house, and their ex still lives in the community. Can you believe that? This is just great.” Bachelor Pad Stapleton: The Divorced Edition, is still looking for cast members. Those who audition must be divorced or going through a divorce, live in Stapleton, be over 32, and preferably have a spouse living in Stapleton. Kids are not allowed in the home, but cast members will only be required to stay in the house three nights a week. For more information, go to ]]>

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