Popular Stapleton Couple in Third Year of Receiving Meal Train Dinners

Kirk and Jamie Gill have always been a popular couple in Stapleton. They have always been willing to meet new friends, attend cookouts, and stay late and enjoy cocktails. They have friends in every Stapleton borough, and enjoying having people over to their place for drinks and dinner. So, when they had their first child Chloe three years ago, it was not surprising that friends stepped up to support them. “Your first child is so hard,” said friend of the Gills Brittni Elmer. “So, I did what so many Stapleton residents do for each other. I started a meal train.” Brittni sent the invite to eight people initially, and it just grew from there. “I received it from Brittni, and then sent it on to ten other friends that I knew would be excited to help the Gills out,” said Sarah Hirota. “I mean, you definitely don’t want to be the person that doesn’t join the meal train for the Gills.” Although thoughtful, the long-running meal train has had some negative impacts on the Gills. “We have been out to eat maybe four times in the last three years,” said Kirk. “It is extremely thoughtful what people have done, and we have lots of leftovers, but it may be time for this train to make its last stop so to speak.” “We are overwhelmed with the love and support of our neighbors and friends,” says Jamie. “But Chloe is three now, so there are probably other families that need it more.” Families who have not yet joined the meal train for the Gills, you can sign up at www.mealtrain.com/stapletongills. ]]>

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