Report: Stapleton Political Yard Signs Down 82% From 2008

In 2008, it was hard to pass five homes without seeing a yard sign. There were a lot of things on the line at that point. The possibility of the first African-American president (and still potentially first non-American born president), McCain’s final shot at the highest office, and was the country ready for “Hope & Change” or was it better to keep going the same direction we were going? These issues ignited both sides of the political aisle. For that reason, republicans and democrats went on a yard sign rampage, covering almost every city in the US. People were proud of who they were voting for, and therefore, made sure to make that sign big and loud. So, what’s going on in 2012? Both parties seem as divided as ever. Shouldn’t we be seeing even more yard signs in Stapleton? The Colorado Census Bureau recently reported that Stapleton yard signs are down over eighty percent. Political analyst Chad Sullivan gives us a potential explanation. “The members of each party haven’t swayed, or changed their opinions,” says Sullivan. “The difference is, neither party is all that proud of their candidate at this point.” Democrat Jake Hanson agrees with that possible explanation. “I am for sure voting for Obama again,” says Hanson. “I just don’t necessarily want everyone to know about it this time. I mean, we had some change and some hope, but I feel like I was promised a little more.” Republican Mike Roberts does not have any Romney signs for similar reasons. “I’m a republican, so I am voting for Romney,” says Roberts. “But, I really don’t like him that much. Do you like him? Exactly, he’s hard to like. So, I prefer not to let neighbors know he is my guy, because it is hard for me to accept.” Unless something drastically changes in the next month in regards to the candidates, analysts don’t expect a big influx in Stapleton yard signs. “Members of both parties are starting to feel bad about what a-holes their parties are being,” says Sullivan. “People are afraid to associate themselves with a political party right now because you are basically saying that you’re an a-hole too. That probably isn’t going to change.” ]]>

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