Stapleton Home Downgraded to “Toy Storage Facility” by Appraiser

Craig and Jamie Gill have lived in Stapleton in their Wonderland home for nearly seven years. They have had both their children while living in Stapleton, a six year old girl and four year old boy. The Stapleton housing market has gone up and down during that seven years, and the Gills haven’t been very concerned about the value of their Stapleton home until their recent appraisal in their attempt to refinance. “We were told that our property would no longer be classified as a residence,” said Craig. “Instead it was being reclassified as a storage facility, specifically, a toy storage facility.” The Gill’s home has been overrun with toys in the last six years, and they have not done the appropriate upkeep in regards to selling, donating, or throwing out the toys. “They really did not leave me with much of a choice,” said appraiser Mike Clark. “We knew that we had a lot of toys scattered around,” says Jamie. “We tried to put some in the garage and believed we were doing well enough at putting them in containers. Apparently, it still wasn’t up to code.” The Gills will not be allowed another appraisal for five years and hope to get things straightened out by then. “We definitely had not planned to move,” says Craig. “This just made our refinancing efforts impossible.” The Gills unintentionally hurt the property value of their neighbors as well. “We like the Gills, and we know this wasn’t intentional,” says neighbor Kelly Elmer. “The reclassification hurt us as well, but we had our opportunities to talk to them and let them know what the appraiser did. Life goes on.” For the Gills, it goes on, but it is time to make a plan to turn their storage facility back into a home. ]]>

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