Stapleton Pools Close Before Freezing 80 Degree Temperatures Set In

The Stapleton MCA got it right again when they closed the pools right at Labor Day. Since Labor Day weekend, Stapleton has seen several days that only reached the high 80’s, and three that have dipped below 75. “It just works out every year that Labor Day comes and temperatures have a huge drop,” said MCA President Liza Kampstra. “This year again, the timing couldn’t have been better.” The MCA actually considered keeping the pools open another three weeks for weekends only, and only if the temperatures were in the acceptable 95 degrees plus range. But in the end, the MCA decided to close at the usual time. “At first I thought it would have been nice to have a few more weeks of pool time,” says mother Christie Carman. “But, once I saw the forecast I knew no one would be going to the pool in 85 degree weather, unless you wanted to catch pneumonia.” Temperatures have continued to drop in Denver, with this week’s forecast consistently in the mid 80’s. “Most pools across the country close when school begins, and we want to keep consistent with that as well,” says Kampstra. “Clearly, the pools would have been pretty empty these past few weeks.” The pools will be back open Memorial Day weekend, provided the temperatures are “pool appropriate.” “We are already excited for another great pool season,” says Kampstra. “We have some new surprises for Stapleton residents!” ]]>

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