2011 Top Not So-Mom of the Year Submissions

  1. “I unwittingly joined the elite club (and yes there is one) of moms-who-had-to take-their-kid-to-children’s-hospital-while-wearing-their-bikinis.  In my case, my son broke his arm. I’d tell you how but I was drinking mojitos next door.”

  2. “I believe that children should start assisting their parents as early as possible. My boys (7 & 5) wanted to grow a garden in the backyard. I bought mint for them to plant so that mommy can have fresh mojitos. It’s a win/win!”

  3. “My daughter and I were at a friends house hanging out. They grow numerous things in their garden and had picked some fresh veggies earlier that day. I saw a few veggies in a bowl on the counter, so I set my 1 year old daughter next to the bowl. She loves cherry tomatoes so I figured I would wash off one of their fresh-picked ones and give it to her. My daughter took one bite and her face turned bright red and her eyes immediately watered. I thought maybe a pincher bug pinched her little tongue or something. When I brought it up to my face to look into it, I quickly noticed the smell burned my nose. I then realized I gave my daughter a HOT chili! I licked it to see how bad it was. My tongue lit up in a fire ball with a mere lick! I couldn’t believe my daughter had taken a bite! We both were crying and seizing with our burnt tongues!  Needless to say, my daughter does not take cherry tomatoes from me any more!”

  4. “I have 2 daughters ages 3 and 6.  We went out to dinner one evening to a local pizza joint. At the end of the meal we exited the establishment and my youngest daughter was walking out next to me. I got a bit distracted and at some point grabbed what I thought to be my daughter’s hand and began exiting the restaurant. A bunch of people started screaming at me and another mother began running towards me yelling something I couldn’t understand. I looked down and realized I had grabbed her daughter’s hand and was leaving the restaurant with her kid and not mine. My kid had already left and caught up to my husband who had already bolted.”

  5. “I put my 4 y/o ECE preschooler on the bus with her 6 y/o sister and sent them to school. The 6 y/o signs her in each morning while I sit on the couch drinking coffee.”

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