Central Park’s “Bridge to Nowhere” Receives National Recognition

The sometimes controversial but always beautiful “Bridge to Nowhere” near the dog pond at Central Park has won the 2010 Aga Khan Award for Architecture.  “We couldn’t be more pleased,” said Forest City Spokesperson Sunny Witham.  “What a tremendous and well-deserved honor.”  The bridge currently serves as a place to stand and watch people walking, running, or riding on Westerly Creek, and will eventually become a key make-out point for teenagers. Most residents appreciate the beauty of the bridge. “Yeah, I guess it’s a bridge,” said North Central Park resident Mike Wiley.  “It’s fine, I guess.”  The more artistic and educated residents really “get it.”  “It is just perfect,” said Steve Ferson.  “It makes the simple statement that, ‘hey, you’re here now, but what the hell can you do about it?  It’s the end of the line.’” Forest City plans to attach some sort of placard commemorating the national award.  “We plan on doing something special,” said Witham.  “We will probably have some sort of event with balloons, and doves, and ribbons getting cut. Then we will superglue a little plaque on the side of this special bridge.”  It is certain Stapleton residents, especially the teenagers, will be appreciating this bridge for a very long time.]]>

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