Couple Too Good for Stapleton Still Living There

“It was always nice to see the pot heads renting next door,” said Jessica.  “We also enjoyed all the young kids renting their houses and not taking care of their lawns.  There was always some crazy old people on our block, which was also nice.  It just made you feel like you were living in a real city.”  The couple doesn’t, however, have any immediate plans to move back.  “We can definitely see ourselves moving back there someday,” said Skylar.  “We just love all the old homes that need a lot of renovation, and have very little square footage.  We like our neighbors here, but they are simply too much like us.”  Having a child definitely played a part.  “We wanted Aiden to go to a good school,” said Jessica, “but there are no good public schools except in Stapleton, and we simply couldn’t afford a private school.”  Having a place for their child to play was also important.  “We had room in the alley for him to play, but there was also a lot of broken glass back there, and a lot of people looking for free stuff in our garbage, so wasn’t always the best option.”  The couple plans to continue to visit their friends in the old neighborhood.  “We will always be Wash Park people.  No matter how long we live in Stapleton,” said Skylar.]]>

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