Stapleton Photographers Meet Demand of Self-Important Families

Every stay at home mom in Stapleton has an amazing and creative friend who does photography on the side. Stephanie Sanders recommends her friend Laura Anderson. “She has such a unique eye. The way she puts kids in flower pots with a denim background is eclectic and fun.” Another Stapleton resident, Michele Burton says her friend is also the one to call when in need of family photos citing, “The way she uses black and white with only a hint of color on my daughter’s bow on top of her head is just genius.” Some moms are saying that their friends will take an entire couch and hay bales to Central Park for an earnest and loving shot with the whole family in autumn. Often some of the favorite photos will have a family of four walking away from the camera, hand in hand, into the sunset. These same moms with these amazing friends can show you their pregnancy pictures that their besties have taken. “Look how my husband is laughing against my belly after he feels the baby kick,” says Caroline of old Stapleton whose friend specializes in prenatal photography. “She was able to photoshop out some of the aberrant hair so that my belly looks perfectly plump while I pretend to read pregnancy books. Everyone should have a friend like her so that we can all have such amazing pictures of ourselves.” If you have a recommendation for an amazing local photographer, we’d love to hear; we’re in the market for some staff photos!]]>

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