Driver Busy Reading “Drive Like Your Kids Live Here” Sign Almost Strikes Child

Stapleton resident Chad May has a squeaky clean driving record and prides himself on his cautious driving. That’s why he was so ashamed and regretful about almost running into a child crossing the street on Xanthia St. yesterday. The boy’s parents, Randy and Joanne, were horrified by the near miss and emphatic about what they perceive as a dangerous street. “This is exactly why we’ve posted these signs instructing drivers to slow down and drive like their kids live here,” said Randy. The irony of the situation is that May’s kids do, in fact, live here, and May’s eyes were diverted from the road to read the bright red signs. “I’m a slow reader, and most signage is less verbose and more simple-minded, like “Stop” or “Yield” or “Romney-Ryan.” I was squinting to read the finely printed web address at the bottom of the sign when I saw the boy out of the corner of my eye and slammed on the brakes.”  While Randy and Joanne insist that the signs are resulting in safer streets, May disagrees. “I’m guessing that unless you’re talking about MLK or Central Park Boulevard, 90% of the time the driver’s kids do live here, so you’re probably just distracting already conscientious drivers rather than making things safer.” A spokesman from the Drive Like Your Kids Live Here campaign was unavailable for comment. However, their website is now offering a new product for neighborhoods like Stapleton that are characterized by high concentrations of young, school-aged children. Designed to be reused approximately 10-12 years in the future, these signs can be turned inside out with a revised warning for pedestrians: “Walk like our kids drive here.” ]]>


  1. I hate to say but speed bumps near intersections or crosswalks might be an option. We have so many drivers blaze down Havana at high rates of speeds that I don’t think signs will be very helpful. I can’t imagine what will happen when they open up the side streets into Aurora. It’s hard for kids or adults to cross streets on the main thoroughfares; by the time they get out to look around the parked cars to see if they can cross or not they’re already in traffic. Most of the time you can’t see what’s on the road from before entering the intersection.

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