Non-Fat, Sugar Free Candy Threat Used to Deter Outside Trick-or-Treaters

All over the Stapleton Moms Yahoo! group, there has been talk of ditching the old standby chocolate treats on Halloween in favor of some new candy that is non-fat and sugar free, and undoubtedly, tasteless. It is unclear whether or not this movement is in an effort to keep our kids here in Stapleton healthy, or if it is simply being used to stave off visitors from other communities. More than likely, it is the latter. Every Halloween, Stapleton sees a huge influx from neighboring communities because of the close proximity of homes, great candy, and because of the safe environment Stapleton provides. The problem with this is that Stapleton families must purchase hundreds of dollars’ worth of candy, and still may not have enough for their friend’s and neighbor’s kids. “It’s frustrating not being able to give candy out to my friend’s kids,” says Westerly Creek neighborhood resident Michelle Dillingham. “And it doesn’t matter how much I buy. I run out every year.” This year it appears that community leaders are making their most passive attempt yet at keeping out non-residents. “I would like to believe I am buying this new candy because I care about the health of kids,” said North Central Park resident Tessa McCleary. “But the truth is, I know when kids have 70% of their bags filled with nonfat, sugar free candy, they will never come back to our neighborhood on Halloween again.” Some residents are claiming that this is not their motivation, but would be a nice side benefit to the candy. “Of course, the health of our Stapleton kids is the most important thing to me,” says Shelley Mayo. “However, if we can end trick or treating at a normal time, and not have to spend $400 on candy, that would be nice as well.” SUN has already endorsed the sugar free candy, and plans to create a sign that residents can print off and put on their door that says “Sugar-Free, Nonfat Candy Only.” The signs will be in English and Spanish. “We think this will be an excellent way to let kids know what they are getting into, and possibly will deter some kids from going to those homes,” said SUN president Mike Victoria. “I know some residents already plan to put the signs up, but will give out real candy to ‘Stapleton-looking’ kids.” Many think not even Stapleton can ruin Halloween for kids, but that won’t keep our hard working residents from trying. ]]>

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